Become a Protaminex-
Classic Partner.

Protaminex-Classic is your turbo in the sale of classic cars or youngtimers and in long-term customer loyalty. Because those who can offer our Protaminex-Classic warranty packages in addition to their classic cars enjoy clear advantages as a dealer.

Steigerung der Attraktivität der zum Verkauf stehenden Fahrzeuge.

Reduction of individual warranty or goodwill costs.

   Stronger and long-term customer loyalty.

Higher (re)sale value in case of sale

Simple processing in the event of a claim thanks to clearly defined claims.

As a partner company, you benefit from attractive graduation bonuses. 


Become a Protaminex-Classic partner and offer your customers the service and security of our Old & Youngtimer warranty packages.

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Please use PDF, JPG or PNG data up to max. 3 MB. 

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