Protaminex-Classic Oldtimer Warranty.

            All facts at a glance.

            Protaminex AG is a company based in Switzerland that offers comprehensive services in the areas of
            family office, insurance brokerage and vintage car trust.

            Protaminex-Classic Oldtimer Warranty, a brand of Protaminex AG, was developed in cooperation with
            Mobile Garantie Deutschland especially for the needs of owners of old and youngtimers and
            is the first warranty insurance for vintage cars in Switzerland. 

            With our partners Insercle AG and Mobile Car Garantie Deutschland - the largest provider of
            warranty packages for used cars and the first in the old- & and youngtimer segment in Europe -
            two partners have been won for claims settlement, which will be responsible for
            have 20 years of experience. As insurer for the Protaminex-Classic Oldtimer Warranty,
            Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company is our partner for Switzerland.

            Protaminex-Classic Oldtimer Warranty protects the vehicle owner against repair costs for certain assemblies
            over a period of 12 months. And the seller can protect himself against any warranty claims when selling the vehicle.

            Protaminex-Classic Oldtimer Warranty is aimed at owners of classic vehicles whose first placing on the market took place at least 20 years (youngtimers) or 30 years (oldtimers) before the application was made.
            The maximum age of the vehicle must not exceed 70 years.

            Guaranteed safe buying. Guaranteed safe selling.


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            Odoo – Beispiel 2 für drei Spalten

            Mobile Garantie

            With mobile Garantie Deutschland we have gained a contractual partner who is responsible for the entire claims handling.

            Odoo – Beispiel 3 für drei Spalten

            Helvetia Insurance 

            Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company is our insurance carrier in the event of a claim and has many years of experience in the classic car sector.