Classic Car Leasing new at Protaminex-Classic

Protaminex-Classic is the first provider in Switzerland to offer a leasing package for classic vehicles:

Under the label Protaminex-Classic Car Leasing we will be launching a tailor-made leasing product for classic vehicles in the next few weeks!
Stay tuned - we will keep you informed!

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Protaminex-Classic Partner Classic Data

Protaminex-Classic has been the Swiss partner of Classic Data, the leading expert in Europe in the valuation of classic vehicles with over 30 years of experience, since the end of 2021. The core competence is intensive market observation and correct pricing in line with the vehicle. To this end, we offer support in the purchase or sale of a classic vehicle by means of appraisals, as well as the training of experts.

 Wir suchen derzeit schweizweit Bewertungspartner in der Schweiz. Interessiert? Mehr Informationen unter

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Protaminex-Classic Oldtimer Warranty

Guaranteed safe buying . Guaranteed safe selling.

Protaminex-Classic Oldtimer Warranty.
Comprehensive warranty for classic cars.

Guaranteed safe. Guaranteed without risk.

The warranty for 
Old- & Youngtimer.

Transparent costs. Favourable rates. Various guarantee packages. .

Protaminex-Classic relieves you of the worry of any repair costs in the event of a claim.
The Protaminex-Classic Car Warranty covers 100% of the labour costs and 50% of the material costs for all components included in the scope of services on your classic car. And that with an amount of up to CHF 10,000.00 per claim.

Of course, costs incurred in repeated repair cases on the same component will be reimbursed again in the same way. Thus you are comprehensively covered by our warranty insurance.

Guaranteed safe buying. Guaranteed safe selling.

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Protaminex-Classic is a repair cost insurance for vintage cars, which covers tailor-made services for various assemblies.

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Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

Our services  

The different Protaminex Classic modules with the different tariffs. Find out which of our different modules is right for you.

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Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

Become a partner

As a dealer, offer our Protaminex- Warranty packages in addition to your classic cars and benefit from numerous advantages.  

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Registration for private customers 

Insure your oldtimer or youngtimer with our guarantee insurance today. 

Registration for partners 

Offer your customers the service and security of warranty insurance. 

Advantage of Protaminex-Classic Oldtimer Warranty

Various advantages for private customers and partners.

Advantages for private clients

Comprehensive old- & youngtimer warranty 

Different, tailor-made modules with different services.

Simple electronic processing in the event of claim

Free choice of the repair company

Better chances of success in the event of a sale

Advantages for partners

Increase in sales opportunities

Higher customer satisfaction

Reduction of the complaint rate


Reduction of individual dealer allowance costs

Greater customer loyalty 


General insurance conditions

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