Scope of the Protaminex-Classic Car Warranty

Brake system

Brake master cylinder, brake booster, vacuum pump, brake pressure regulator, brake pressure limiter; of the antilock braking system the following parts: electronic control unit, speed sensor, hydraulic unit. Spring ball; spring cylinder; hydropneumatic pressure regulator; hydropneumatic accumulator; vacuum pump; height corrector; drum brake cylinder, brake piston and calipers.

Power transmission systems

Cardan shafts, axle drive shafts, drive joints, centre bearing (cardan shaft). Traction control systems (ASR/TCS), limited slip differential (ASD/ESD), electronic control unit, hydraulic unit, speed sensor (ASR), pressure accumu-lator and loading pump, control valves, hydraulic pump and hydraulic reservoir, ASR actuator, steering angle and pedal sensors, electronic stability program (ESP) with high-pressure/recovery pump, sensors and changeover valves, in the case of automatic four-wheel drive speed sensors and switches.

Electrical system

On-board computer, alternator with regulator, starter; from the electronic ignition system following parts: Hall sensor, induction sensor, knock sensor, TDC sensor, relay, control units of the parts included in the assemblies, ignition starter switch, ignition coil, ignition distributor, ignition cable, mechanical distributor, Ignition distributor, ignition cable, mechanical distributor, preheating relay. Electrical cables of the electronic injection system; electrical components of the ignition system; distributor cap; distributor rotor. Housing, throttle body, throttle switch, injection unit, injection valves, Electronic components of the engine management system, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pressure accumulator, idle speed control valve, fuel flow divider, cold start valve, air flow meter, air flow meter, temperature sensor, warm-up regulator, additional air slide.


Cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, engine block, oil cooler, oil pan, oil pressure switch, oil filter housing and the following internal parts connected to the oil circuit: Balance shaft, hydraulic tappet, rocker arm, piston, piston pin, piston rings, crankshaft, crankshaft bearing, camshaft, oil pump, connecting rod, connecting rod bearing, drag lever, rocker arm, timing case, timing chain, timing chain sprockets, timing chain tensioner, tappet, valves, valve spring, valve guide, valve seat, valve stem seals; seal ring housing; housing (stator), rotor (rotor), rotor bearing, eccentric, eccentric shaft, pinion; flywheel / drive pulley with gear rim.

Manual and automatic transmission

Transmission housing, drive pulley, torque converter, electronic control unit for automated manual and automatic transmissions, transmission oil cooler, hydraulic unit and the following internal parts: Drive belt, brake bands, centrifugal governor, freewheel baskets, freewheel device, transmission housing, transmission bearings, sliding blocks, main shaft, hydro-piston, bevel gears, lamellas, auxiliary shaft, oil pump, planetary transmission, planetary gears, shift fork, shift transmission parts, shift shaft, thrust link band, sun gears, control unit, synchroniser body, synchroniser rings, speedometer drive, vacuum box, countershaft, gear wheels. From the clutch hydraulics: clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder.

Axle splitter gearbox

Axle gear housing (front, rear and all-wheel drive) including the following internal parts: differential cage, differential gears, differential bearing, bevel gear, blades, crown wheel.

Cooling system

Radiator (engine and water), radiator for automatic transmission, cooling fan motor, heating radiator, heating heat exchanger, water pump, viso/ thermal fan, fan clutch, thermal switch, thermostat, additonal water pump.

Air Conditioning

Compressor, condenser, fan, evaporator.

Fuel system

Fuel pump, injection pump, carburettor, pre-feed pump, mechanical diesel injectors. Superchargers of all types (mechanical, electrical, turbocharger, etc.), intercoolers.

Exhaust system

Lambda sensor, EGR valve.


Mechanical or hydraulic steering gear, hydraulic pump, electric power steering motor.

Safety systems

Control units and sensors for airbag and belt tensioner as well as contact spiral with existing steering wheel airbag.

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